Dr. Anna Coffin, DVM is a native of Guthrie Oklahoma with a long family history of serving the community. She owns Guthrie Pet Hospital, One Stop Copy Shop and her newest 
venture, Jaded Getaway Bed and Breakfast.

With three 
businesses and a home in the Historic District, Dr Anna and 
her husband, Dr. Paul DeMars, DVM are a vital part of the downtown neighborhood where many people live and work.

As veterinarians, Anna and Paul are dedicated to making life comfortable for all they come in contact with whether canine, feline or human! They raise Weimarinars, and currently are 
the owners of Jade and Dharma, Floyd and Olivia.

Anna has designed gracious and comfortable suites amid the 19th Century flavor of Guthrie and enjoys sharing the delights of this unique town. She'll also share a pet who will keep you company during your stay.

Find Us Upstairs at 123 West Harrison   Guthrie, OK 73044   /   405.410.8636  ACoffin@aol.com
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